Mission statement: To enrich the lives of underserved populations by providing opportunities to explore the world.


Books&Wanderlust is a non-profit organization aiming to expose underserved people in Los Angeles County and the Greater Cleveland area to new ideas and cultures by providing scholarships to readers, writers, and travelers.

Underserved populations served by Books&Wanderlust include those with financial need and people belonging to a racial minority.

Reading, writing and global exploration have the ability to influence a person’s life, their neighborhood, and the global community. The goal of Books&Wanderlust is to empower people through books and travel, helping our participants make reading and exploring an integral part of their lives.

We provide scholarships for:
o Textbooks for college students.
o Teachers to provide books to individual students or for a classroom library.
o Attending conferences.
o Self-publishing.
o Passports.
o Study abroad/exchange programs through schools or community organizations for students in middle school, high school and college.
o Participation in school trips.
o Trips for people who have never traveled abroad.