unnamed-6 Did you attend the Nomadness conference in New York? Big props to Evita and the High Council for putting together a spectacular day. Books&Wanderlust was proud to be included in the swag bag. Perhaps you are visiting this page because you received our bookmark. If you’re new to this site then let me tell you that Books&Wanderlust is a non-profit that aims to provide low-income and minority students scholarships for textbooks and study abroad programs. If you are here because of Nomadness, then I know that you are a traveller and that you understand the importance of encouraging young black men to travel abroad. Because you love travel I hope that you will support our first beneficiary, Brenton.

“Adventure is always out there.”

A junior at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, Brenton has registered to attend the Miami University London Theatre study abroad program. He is an animal lover and a performer. Brenton likes to swim both casually and competitively. He also likes to see new places and try new things. Please read his story and help support his dream.


In order to participate in the program, Brenton needs to raise $8,000. His mom is helping and Brenton is working hard this summer as an interpreter at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo to help cover part of the cost, but he needs your help. Your donations will be used to cover the cost of tuition, program fees, travel and miscellaneous expenses related to the trip. Please help Brenton fulfill his dreams. Perhaps one day you’ll be sitting in a dark movie theater when a familiar face pops up on the screen. You can smile at yourself knowing that you helped this young man become a star.

Please consider a donation. Every bit helps.

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