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I’m reposting our plea for donations for Brenton. He is paying in installments, so we have more time to help him reach his goal. A big thanks to those who have already donated, but we have a long way to go and can still use your help.

“Adventure is always out there.”

Books&Wanderlust is proud to introduce our first beneficiary, Brenton Sullivan. A junior at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, Brenton has registered to attend the Miami University London Theatre study abroad program. He is an animal lover and a performer. Brenton likes to swim both casually and competitively. He also likes to see new places and try new things. Please read his story and help support his dream.

“I have always loved using myself to tell someone else’s story.”

I’ve wanted to be an actor ever since the first show I did in the first grade, I was a townsperson in Snow White. It was a small role, but a big community theater’s production, and I was treated as if I was a principal role.

Since then I have had various experiences on the stage, at church, high school, and now college. I’ve played Angel Dumott Schunard in RENT, Colin in Eat Your Heart Out, Officer Lonigan in Wonderful Town and Erysichthon in Metamorphoses.Brenton

I love acting on the stage, but there is something more personal to me with a camera. It can pick up every movement, especially facial expressions. As someone who makes many facial expressions, this is important to me.

Before college, I had only done a few small film projects, but my freshman year, I acted in a short film with a group of seniors, and loved it. I was reminded that this was exactly the direction I wanted to go in with my career. So the next year, when I took the film acting sprint course with Miami alum Lindsay Hollister, I knew I had to keep working at this style of performance and keep learning and keep doing it.

“For most of my childhood, I saw my mother travel to places like Germany, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, etc. She always pushed us to travel and to explore and to learn.”

London theatre offers a film acting course, and I feel like this is a next step for me based off this course being three times longer than the last course I worked with, and allowing me to work with more professionals and more facilities.

In addition to the acting for the camera course, there is also a course called London Theatre. It is an exploration of contemporary theatre in London, what’s hot and what’s new in London theatre. It will also include backstage tours of theaters, cultural and historical sights, Oxford University and Shakespeare’s birth place. The program will also allow me to take workshops led by British professionals, and see a lot of shows.

“I believe that I would gain so much culturally and educationally.”

Miami University pushes for studying abroad, and I knew that this was something I really wanted to do. When I learned about London Theatre, I realized this trip would be a great opportunity.

I feel as though this study abroad program would provide me with so much more than the global experience classes I would have to take in Oxford instead. London theatre is an amazing opportunity offered by the theatre department that I would not want to miss.

Culturally, seeing a brand new place, learning about its history, and living within its society not only can be moving, but maturing. This program would allow me to grow from all the experiences. Brenton1

As of now, there are 23 students enrolled in the program. I learned about the program from the theatre department, and also from recent graduates of the department, who went in past years. Everyone who has gone has had an incredible experience and highly recommend it. Since first hearing about it my freshman year, I have been interested. My mother has always wanted me to study abroad.

“The cost is scary, though.”

Besides the program, there’s tuition for fall and spring, along with rent for my apartment. My father stopped helping out with paying tuition last year, so now all financial responsibilities are on my mother. She is trying to pay for all my expenses, along with her own bills/debts/student loans. ~ Brenton


In order to participate in the program, Brenton needs to raise $8,000 by September 1st. His mom is helping and Brenton is working hard this summer as an interpreter at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo to help cover part of the cost, but he needs your help. Your donations will be used to cover the cost of tuition, program fees, travel and miscellaneous expenses related to the trip. Please help Brenton fulfill his dreams. Perhaps one day you’ll be sitting in a dark movie theater when a familiar face pops up on the screen. You can smile at yourself knowing that you helped this young man become a star.

Please consider a donation. Every bit helps.

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